Which Online Slots are the Best in Singapore? – Recommended Games


If you are looking for which online slots are the best in Singapore, you have come to the right place! BetVision is here to review some of it’s top recommended slot games that will give new and old players all the excitement and thrill that online slots bring! Let’s dive in and check out what we have to offer for you!

1. Fire Queen

Fire Queen - 051820 Which Online Slots are the Best in Singapore

Enthralling, breath-taking, and intense. Three words that would use to describe CQ9’s Fire Queen. A five-line slot game that is easy to play and understand. Its features are neatly packed for players to enjoy. The slot game boasts amazing bonuses and nifty gameplay that players can easily strategize to win big! After all, slot games are based on chance. Fire Queen gives off a one-of-a-kind slot game experience for the user, together with its background music. If you want to know more about this game, check out our full article on CQ9’s Fire Queen!

2. Wheel of Luck

Wheel of Luck - 051820 Which Online Slots are the Best in Singapore

If we are talking about traditional gameplay, the Wheel of Luck is one of the best representations of that. This Tom Horn Gaming slot game is well-rounded and has a nice approach to playing slot games. Its calm jazzy background music and bright colors are made for players to easily recognize its features. This slot game has a lot of features and more winning ways that people would imagine. You might get rich while playing this game if you are truly inspired to reel in that big jackpot! If you want an in-depth review of the game, check our game review and how-to of Tom Horn Gaming’s Wheel of Luck!

3. Poker Slot

Poker Slot - 051820 Wheel of Luck - 051820 Which Online Slots are the Best in Singapore

Hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs – these are the four symbols that you would normally see on a deck of cards. CQ9’s Poker Slot brings you all these experiences in one game. A simple one-line execution, this game would easily be enjoyed with just a simple click of a button. No frills, and hassle, the slot game will give players satisfaction with a big spin win! If you want more details of the game, check our article on CQ9’s Poker Slot.

4. All-Star Team

Wild Win - All Star Team by CQ9 Poker Slot - 051820 Wheel of Luck - 051820 Which Online Slots are the Best in Singapore

Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and many more. If you are into football, this slot game is a treat. A 243 pay line slot game that features many football players in the world. It gives you the same soccer spirit when you are going into this slot game. Full of extra symbols and free spins, you will be part of the action when you try this one out! If you want to take a further look, check out our article on All-Star Team by CQ9 to know more!

5. Feng Fu

Feng Fu - 051820 - Slot Game Singapore best

Inspired by mythical Chinese lore. Feng Fu is a slot game that showcases different parts of the Zodiac. The serene background music paired with the vibrant red colorway is sure to bring luck to all the players. This nine pay-line game is more than meets the eye! It has free spins, double-winning chances, and many more! IF you want a full tutorial on this slot game, check out our article of Tom Horn Gaming’s Feng Fu!

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