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where to play dice game in singapore

There are many types of live casino games present at BetVision! To name a few, there is blackjack, baccarat, fan tan, and many more! Many people are asking where to play dice game in Singapore? This dice game is what we know as Sic bo. Known in many regions as Hi-lo, big Small, or even Tai Sai A three dice game where players are betting on specific combinations to appear! Now, how do we play Sic Bo?

How To Play Sic Bo (Dice Game)

The live casino game Sic bo or Dice game is fairly simple. You just need to bet on a combination of the dice that would appear every time the dealer rolls! It is mostly based on luck! You just need to get a feel of the game to win it!

To play the game, you need to select first which provider you are going to play! BetVision currently has options for you! Here they are:

Evolution Gaming Sic Bo

Evolution Gaming’s Sic Bo is classy and simple! It has a fairly Chinese way of presentation of its elements. With red and yellow as the prominent colors in the table. You will really feel lucky when you place your bet there!

Sic Bo Shuffle

Evolution Gaming’s Betting Table is also looking the same! Very simple and easy to understand with large Text!

Sic bo Table

Big Gaming Sic Bo

Big Gaming’s Dice Game feels like your traditional table dice game! It has a clean presentation and two dealers to cater to every player’s needs! We have a separate tutorial on Big Gaming’s Sic Bo as one of our recommended games!

Sic Bo Big Gaming Win

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