WBET Sport – Soccer Betting in Singapore – 9/17/20

WBET Sport - Soccer Betting in Singapore - 91720

What is WBET Sport? - Soccer Betting in Singapore

WBET Sport is the latest soccer betting provider in BetVision! With all the games returning, WBET has all that you can bet on! Ranging from basketball, baseball, and of course, soccer, WBET has you covered for every match you want to view and bet on! Of course, the typical selections are there such as the Asian Handicap, Over/Under, HT/FT betting options for live matches, 1×2, as well as all the odds you can imagine such as Malay, Indonesia, Euro and more! The biggest question is how do you play and place bets in WBET Sport? We are going to give you a short and quick guide into starting your soccer betting in Singapore!

How to Play in WBET Sport? - Soccer Betting in Singapore

1. For you to get started, you need to have an account first with BetVision. To register, click here to get started. Skip this step if you have an account with BetVision.

2. On to the betting, first and foremost, you need to ensure that your account has a sufficient amount of funds to start betting. Here is our article on how to transfer funds into your selected provider.

3. Once you are in your account, go to the sports section of the BetVision website and select WBET as your provider. Here is a short video on how to do this step.

4. Once you are in WBET, click ENTER NOW to jump to the betting area of the provider. With WBET, there is another window that would open once clicking the button, that would be the place where players can place their bets. Here is another video on how to do this step.

5. You can select which sporting event you are interested in. Once you’ve selected, there will be an extensive list of matches you can place your bets on. Here is a quick video on how to do this step.

In this video, we placed our bets on the Over/Under result of the match between F.C. Tucson and England Revolution II in the United Soccer League One. We set out the betting amount, confirm our bet, and waited for the system to accept all pending transactions. From this point on, we’ll just wait for the results of our betting choice.

6. There is also the option of viewing matches before they go live, which is the Early Market. In this selection, you can check future matches and leagues that are available for soccer betting in Singapore. 

That’s it! If you are looking forward to a site where you can stay updated on the latest soccer betting odds, as well as the biggest leagues such as the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, you are in the right place! Go check out WBET Sport today in BetVision!

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