Fund Transfer – Getting Started

    Transfer Funds

    Fund Transfer – Getting Started – With all things settled and accounts already deposited, we now need to learn how to transfer funds to our selected game providers. Here is our video and step by step guide on how to do so.

    Fund Transfer - Video Guide

    Fund Transfer - Step by Step Guide

    1. Click on the Login button to get into your BetVision account.

    Account Login - Getting Started - 1st Image

    2. Once you are in your BetVision account, Click on the Member Center button.

    Fund Transfer Getting Started 1st Image Betvision88

    3. After arriving at the Member Center page, you have to click on the Transfer button.

    Fund Transfer Getting Started 2nd Image Betvision88

    4. On the transfer page, you will see here all balances present in your account. From your Account Balance and other Balances with Providers. You are given insight on how much remains in your account. If your account balance is zero, it is recommended that you Deposit some credit in your account.

    Fund Transfer Getting Started 3rd Image Betvision88

    5. Once you are sure that you have enough credit, you can now begin to transfer funds to your provider of choice. Select Main Account as the “from“, then in the “to“, there will be a drop-down box that will give you all provider choices available. In this case, we selected EVO as our provider.

    Fund Transfer - Getting Started - 4th Image

    5. After you’ve finished selecting your provider to transfer your funds to, type in the Transfer Amount in the text box beside it, then click the Confirm button to finalize the transfer.

    Fund Transfer - Getting Started - 5th Image

    6. Once the transaction is successful, a Notification Box will appear to confirm the transfer to your selected provider! You can now enjoy playing your favorite games in BetVision!

    Fund Transfer - Getting Started - 6th Image

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