Account Deposit – Getting Started

    Account Deposit

    Account Deposit – Getting Started – Now that you have discovered your love for online gaming, of course, you want to have your first account with BetVision, but how do we exactly do that? Here is our easy to follow guide to get you started!

    Account Deposit - Video Guide

    Account Deposit - Step by Step Guide

    1. Login first with your Account.

    Account Login - Getting Started - 1st Image

    2. Once you are in your account, click on the Deposit button.

    Account Login Getting Started 2nd Image Betvision88

    3. Once you are on the deposit page, click on the Local Bank, then select your preferred Deposit Channel.

    Account Login - Getting Started - 3rd Image

    4. Select your deposit amount via Speed Deposit, or input your desired deposit in the Amount text box below. After ensuring your intended amount, click on the Transfer Now button.

    Account Login Getting Started 4th Image Betvision88

    5. Once all details are sure, Upload your receipt or input the Transaction ID in the text box provided. Then click on the Submit Deposit Form button to finalize the transaction.

    Account Login - Getting Started - 5th Image

    5. Once you have reached this page and a notification box appears, your deposit is now on its way to your account. Just wait around 3-5 minutes and you can now enjoy all your favorite games!

    Account Login Getting Started 6th Image Betvision88

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