Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction – NBA Finals – 10/10/20

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction – NBA Finals – 101020

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction10 October 2020 – 09:00 AM (GMT+8) – It’s the fifth game of the NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat! In the last round, it was the Lakers that won, giving them a big advantage over the series, 3-1. Will Miami catch up and extend the series to game 6 or will the Lakers take on this game and win the finals? Let’s take a closer look at their previous match and read on for our winning tips below!

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction - Los Angeles Lakers Preview

The Lakers have won game 4, and currently in the running for winning the series for the Finals. With their neck and neck performance against the Miami Heat, there is no doubt that they will be pushing for the win early in this upcoming game. With over 44.3% in field goal percentage, it seems like the margin is getting smaller and smaller. Lebron James and Anthony Davis are still looking good, contributing most to the team’s overall performance in the match. 

With game 5 coming in, it’s going to be a relentless pursuit for the team to take on, and Frank Vogel is looking forward to ending the series and claiming the win.

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction - Los Angeles Lakers Key Player

Lebron‘s final clutch mentality is going to be the factor in winning this series. Knowing that the King is looking for another ring, we can expect him to show us why he deserves that title at the court.

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction - Miami Heat Preview

After losing game 3, it’s clutch time for Miami Heat to survive this season’s NBA Finals. Jimmy Butler is still on the move with a double-double and leading the team’s overall scoring, alongside Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson. With this season deciding game, we can expect the Heat to bring the top of their game coming into this match. 

Manager Erik Spoelstra is still looking to make this work for the heat, and make a comeback for this upcoming game. 

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction - Miami Heat Key Player

Jimmy Butler’s high performance is needed in this upcoming match. If he is in top condition, chances are they will come back from this and get the game going till game 7. His essential contributions make the team better and is going to be the key in winning game 5.

Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction

With the Lakers and Heat bringing in all the stops for game five, we can expect both to bring their top plays and go all out. It’s the final push for the Lakers, and survival for the Heat. But we are seeing the Lakers winning the series, and bagging the championship for this season.

LA Lakers Betvision88

Los Angeles Lakers (-6.5)

Odds (1.81)
Total Score = Over 216.5Odds: 1.95
Series Winner: Lakers (-2.5)1.31

Disclaimer: The odds change from time to time without prior notice and is only available at the time of writing

For this Lakers v Heat Game 5 Prediction to win, The Lakers need to win with a 5 point advantage against Miami. For the Over/Under bet to win, the total score should be above 216.5 points, and for the Laker’s series win, they should win 3 games ahead of the Heat.

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