Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 – NBA – 8/27/20

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 - NBA - 82720

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 – (NBA) – August 27, 2020 – 09:00 AM (GMT+8) – Round 1 – Game 5 – It’s clutch time for the Portland Trail Blazers to win against the Los Angeles Lakers to decide their fate in the playoffs. In-game 4, the Lakers proved once again that they are the kings of the Western Conference as they won 135 to 115, leading the series 3-1. Will the Blazers get in condition, or will the Lakers make the final push to get through to the next round? Let’s take a look and read on for our winning tips below!

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 - LA Lakers Preview and Previous Performance

It’s amazing how the Los Angeles Lakers managed to get into top condition against the Blazers, with their initial game one loss, there is no stopping Frank Vogel and his men to get into the heat of the action. Their game 4 performance was not short of being stellar, closing out 20 points to defeat the Blazers, there is no denying of any lack of team play and cooperation with the group. Lebron James just dropped a double-double, 10 assists, and 30 points in the game, combine that with 6 rebounds to boot. There is no shortage of scoring from Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis who made 18 points each. Flawless performance from the lakers in this one.

With this performance and there is no denying that they can take this one more game get to the second round of the playoffs. Their field goal percentage was just below 60%, and this is the essential performance to get within the upcoming game.

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 - Lakers Key Player

Kyle Kuzma’s five 3-point shots were amazing. Under pressure, together with the team, we can expect him to show up to get in with the winning mentality in the upcoming game. If he’s able to give the same performance, it might just be the key to giving the pressure to the Blazers.

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 - Blazers Preview and Previous Performance

Ever since their game 1 win, the Portland Trail Blazers cannot get back in their confident performance against the Lakers. It was a defining 3rd consecutive loss for the Blazers, and it might be time for them to wake up. Damian Lillard is unable to get it straight with only 11 points in the game. Jusuf Nurkic still is dominant in the paint with 13 rebounds and 20 points. CJ McCollum dropped a solid 18 points to aid the wailing of the Blazers, and Carmelo Anthony did well with 16 of his own.

This is a clutch situation for Coach Terry Stotts to get his team in shape for the game 5. With news surrounding the knee of Damian Lillard, it’s going to be a hardball for the team to win this upcoming game.

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 - Blazers Key Player

Jusuf Nurkic’s contribution to the paint is essential to the team’s victory. With this big man on all aspects, may it be defense or offense, it is without a doubt that his abilities are going to be crucial to their victory in this do or die at game 5.

Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5

The Lakers will win this match, but the Blazers will not get complacent and give it to them all. We are placing a bet on the Blazers to lose, but with only a few points behind the Lakers.

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers (+14)

Odds (1.92)
Total Score = Over 223Odds: 1.98

Disclaimer: The odds change from time to time without prior notice and is only available at the time of writing

For this Lakers v Blazers Prediction Game 5 to win, The Blazers need lose within 13 points against the Lakers. For the Over/Under bet to win, the total score should be above 223 points.

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