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EPL Return News

The latest soccer news in Singapore – The English Premier League is cleared to resume its games by June 1, given that there waould be no more infections of the COVID-19 before the season restarts! The earlier restart of the league on March 13 was then scrapped due to the rise of the coronavirus all across Europe. Almost all football leagues were then postponed, like the Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga.

The governing body of soccer in the European region, UEFA, has set a deadline for official leagues to formulate plans that would enable them to restart or finish the season until May 25, 2020. If no plans have been formulated, the rest of their season is canceled.

Other Details on Soccer Leagues

The different councils of each football league have set their specific dates to get the show running. Bundesliga is to resume its games during the weekend on empty stadiums, lessening the chance of contracting the virus among the audiences. The Spanish League, La La Liga, is looking forward to starting their season on June 12, but no final say from the country’s Health Minister to resume the games in the country. Serie A is already cleared for training but is not sure on the resume of the actual matches of the teams in the league.

The recent pandemic has cost the sporting industry millions of dollars in damages. With the coronavirus seeing no signs of slowing down, many leagues have declared the cancellation of their respective seasons. France has canceled the rest of its soccer season. The MLS in the U.S and other soccer leagues in Canada have resumed in training but are also still looking on when to restart the season.

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