Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 – NBA – 8/27/20

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 - NBA - 82720

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 – (NBA) – August 27, 2020 – 04:00 AM (GMT+8) – Round 1 – It’s going to be clutch time for Orlando Magic to get ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks in this deciding match of the series! With the Bucks leading 3-1, they will become unstoppable in pursuit of the next round of the playoffs. Who do you think will win? Let’s take a look and read on for our tips below!

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 - Bucks Preview and Previous Performance

There is no denying that the Milwaukee Bucks are the number one seeded team in the East. With their unstoppable 3-game run against Orlando, there is no denying that they will put on the pressure in this game 5 of the series. The final score of the last game was 106-121, leaving Orlando with a 15 point deficit. Giannis Antetokounpo just had to put 31 buckets, 15 rebounds, and 8 assists to get the job done, alongside his performance, he was just awarded as the defensive player of the year. Khris Middleton also dropped 21 points to make a strong performance. With their almost 50% field goal percentage, they definitely went to town and left the opposing team to dust. 

With Coach Mike Budenholzer, it is without a doubt a winning formula. Their defensive stride coupled with their strong offense will surely make a great impact in the next game.

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 - Bucks Key Player

Giannis is going to put it all in this upcoming game to advance his team into the next round. With the accolades all coming together, it’s just another season for the bucks to conquer and prove their dominance in the game.

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 - Magic Performance

No charm is coming to Orlando Magic in their last few games. Losing to the Bucks this time around can definitely kick them off the playoff bracket. Nikola Vucevic is still going strong, making 31 points and 11 assists to push the team forward. It is just not enough to rely on the big man to get the team to move better. Orlando needs to wake up and do their thing before things get worst in the upcoming match. 

Coach Steve Clifford is looking for ways on how to get things done, and a good performance can make then survive this upcoming match. It really is clutch time for Orlando in this as they are under severe pressure.

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5 - Magic Key Player

If Evan Fournier can get it to work, he may be the key to making it happen for Orlando in this round. His shooting can lift the team if he’s able to get out of his current pickle. His offensive mojo needs to come back to make it happen.

Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5

With the series looking to end early, we can predict that the bucks can take this one home and move on to the second round of the playoffs. Their dominant team play can make it happen, and we can expect Orlando out in this match.

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Milwaukee Bucks (-13.5)

Odds (1.85)
Total Score = Under 227.5Odds: 1.87

Disclaimer: The odds change from time to time without prior notice and is only available at the time of writing

For this Bucks v Magic Prediction Game 5  to win, The Milwaukee Bucks need to win with a 14 point advantage against Orlando Magic. For the Over/Under bet to win, the total score should be below 227.5 points.

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