Barcelona vs Real Madrid – El Clásico!!! – Match Highlights at La Liga!

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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (La Liga) December 19, 2019 – Camp Nou

Bringing the latest football news today – One of the most popular sports event in the world, El Clásico, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, held at Camp Nou ended in 0-0 draw. Delayed for almost 2 months, both teams showed effort in the pitch as they relentlessly attack each other from the beginning of the match!

Plenty of opportunities come along way for both oppositions, but brilliant defending stopped the team from getting ahead. Notable stops from Pique, defending a goal with a header at the 17th-minute of the match, Marc-André ter Stegen’s performance in all stops at the goal, and the defending from both teams.

Gareth Bale’s efforts have been wonderful in the first half but stopped relentlessly by the defense of Barça. Lionel Messi looks brilliant in his attacks but unable to convert in the game. Real Madrid looks more aggressive in this game with a higher possession against Barcelona.

The match ended square with a 0-0 scoreline. The even match resulted in the teams’ overall defensive effort, proving the dominance of both of the teams in the league and the world.

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