Sports Betting 2021: A Guide to Asian Betting Odds and More!

Sports Asian Betting Odds and More

Sports betting is a very lucrative industry. Major sports fans and followers like to predict outcomes for their teams, and in doing so, they are looking to earn money out of it. Sports betting is centered on odds; thus, odds are an important ingredient that will determine the success of any bettor.

Betting odds reflective monetary terms, placing a margin on each. Also, odds are the bread of the bookmakers, because it is where they take out money. People need to learn more about odds, lest they make the mistake of losing money if they do not understand how odds work. Also, calculating odds is a very tenuous process, but if you have a great understanding of it, you will be better equipped in placing bets in the future.

Asian Betting Odds - What are Odds?

In sports terms, odds is the term used to describe the probability of something occurring, converted both into numerical and monetary terms. Someone who bets alongside the odds will get a payout. However, betting against the predicted outcome could result in a big payday for those going against the norm.

Soccer odds, in particular, tell you how much you could win from a successful bet. It also shows how likely the event will happen. These are more competitive than just knowing who wins and losses.

So, why is it important to know about odds? Because they will determine how much you will be paid. There is a term, known as implied probability, which is used to describe the chance that the bettor can win using those odds. This will help determine if there is value in those markets.

Asian betting odds, like all other sports betting odds, are ones that are determined a very thorough and scientific process, and not just by mere hunches. Bookmakers hire statisticians who determine the odds through a scientific process.

Asian Betting Odds - Football Odds Types:

Soccer is arguably the sport most people put bets on, and that oddsmakers determine odds for. With that, we shall now discuss the commonly-used Asian betting odds for bet on football. Knowing each of these will serve us well in our guide to betting odds, and ensure for you success in betting.

  • Decimal odds – The most common odds format is decimal odds. This is employed because these odds types are more simple. For decimal odds, payouts that you get is for every unit staked. For instance, if you bet on decimal odds of 1.80, you will get $1.80 for every stake of $1.


  • Fractional odds – Fractional odds are represented by two numbers with a slash in between them. This representation can be described as profit/stake. The first number represents the profit, while the second number is the stake that you put in earning the profit. So, if you placed a wager for an odd of 2/9; you will get $2 by staking $9. Thus, if you win, you will get $2 + $9, or $11 in total.
  • American odds – These are represented by a positive (+) number or a negative number. Underdogs are mostly bet on with positive numbers, and stronger teams usually get negative numbers as odds. Positive numbers are used to wagers for a bet greater than even money, while negative numbers get wagers that are less than even money. 
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Asian Betting Odds – What is Asian Handicap?

Now we move on to a deeper explanation of the Asian handicap. The Asian handicap is probably the most common betting scheme from the continent it is from. Most of the time, used for football betting. This type of Asian betting odds is, in a way, a modification of the American odds.

In football, there are three possible handicaps: a win, a lose or a draw. In the Asian handicap, this scenario removes the options of a draw. The stronger team will have points subtracted from them, while the weaker team adds points.

Let us now discuss a few of the handicaps included in the Asian handicap.

  • 0 Handicap – This is the most straightforward of the handicaps. No extra point is added to the final result on a 0 handicap. So, to put it simply, when you wager on a team, if the team wins, you win the bet; if the team loses, you lose the bet; and if it is a draw, your wager will be refunded to you in full. 
  • .25 Handicap – Here, the underdog team has a quarter goal lead prior to the start of kickoff. You can either win, win back the half stake, lose or lose back half the stake. If the weaker team draws, the bettorcan get half the win or half the stake. If the stronger team draws, they get a half loss or lose half of the stake.
  • .50 Handicap – Here, the underdog team will have a 0.5 advantage prior to the game, while the stronger team will have -0.5 from the score. At this handicap, a draw will determine if someone will win or lose a bet. If the weaker team draws, the bettor will win the bet because of the point advantage, but if the stronger team loses, the bettor will lose all of their stakes.
  • .75 Handicap – On this handicap, the result now becomes more score specific. A point or two, regardless of the result can make a difference in the payout. If the team with the negative handicap wins, you now how have to look at the number they won by. If they won by 2 points, they win the bet in full, but if they only one by one point, the bettor only wins half the amount. A draw and loss will automatically mean the bettor loses. On the other hand, if the bettor wagers on the team with the positive handicap and the team wins, the bettor wins the full amount as a profit, whether the team wins by 2 points or 1. If the team draws, the bettor still wins. If the team loses by 1 point, they only lose half of their bet.
  • 1.00 Handicap – Just like the 0.75 Handicap, the 1.00 handicap also has results for every specific outcome. A bettor on a team with a -1 handicap can only win if the team wins by 2 points or more. If the team wins by only 1 point, their bet will be refunded to them. Conversely, if the team with a +1 handicap wins, the bettor wins regardless the scoreline. They also win if they draw the match. However, if the team loses by only 1 point, the wager is refunded to the bettor. It is only by a loss of 2 or more points that the bettor will lose their stake.

Asian Betting Odds – Some Examples

Example #1:

Let’s say you are going to bet on a match between Manchester United and Liverpool. The Asian Handicap applied is 0.75, in favour of Manchester United (-0.75). This automatically gives Liverpool a positive handicap (+0.75). So you go and bet $100 on Manchester, with odds at 1.78 ([email protected])for a payout of 100 * 1.78 or $178.00.

Man Utd then goes on to win 3-2. This means you won your bet, right? Yes, but there’s a catch: you only won half the amount you put on stake (1/2 of $178 or $89). This is because in order to win the total amount for a -0.75 handicap, the team you bet on has to win by 2 or more goals. United only won by 1 goal, thus you only get half the amount. If say, you bet $100 on Liverpool, with odds at 1.71 ($171 expected payout if they win), you lose half of the stake, with $50.00 given back to you.

Example #2:

Now, we are betting on a game between Arsenal and Tottenham. This time, the Asian handicap is 1.00, in favour of Tottenham. You bet on Tottenham to win at odds of 1.82 ([email protected]) for a winning payout of $182.00.

Tottenham does win by 1-0. However, a handicap of -1.00 means that the side has to win by at least two goals. Therefore, the bet is only refunded back to you. The same thing will happen if you bet on Arsenal using this handicap.

Asian Betting Odds – Use Them Strategically

Now that you know every one of these odds and how they work, you can now devise a strategy in order to bet wisely and guarantee yourself a big payout. When betting online, remember that odds can change in real time, because you have to consider the form of the team, their performance over time, and injuries and suspensions that happen right before match day. Battle-tested bettors have made an art of this, and you can too, with patience, perseverance, attention to the game and a little bit of luck!

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