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Nuke World by EvoPlay

Nuke World by EvoPlay - Description

Experience a post-apocalyptic atmosphere of gaming, brought to you by the powers of Nuke World by EvoPlay. This exciting new slot game on the BetVision App takes the concept of video games with comic book-inspired characters and mixes it with high-octane slots action. Join our main hero, Captain Fox, as he battles his fearsome enemies: Armadillo Chameleon, Rhino and Rooster, and get great rewards with every victory!

Here are just some of the game specs:

Slot TypeVideo Slot
Number of Reels7
Bet linesMatch 3
Hit Frequency29%
Free Game1 in 27
Bonus Game1 in 46

Fully-HD ready and optimised for mobile gaming, Nuke World is a treat for the senses! Gather enough wins, defeat your enemies, and as you add winning combinations, you can get more bonuses and rewards!

Nuke World by EvoPlay - Features

In Nuke World, Captain Fox has cutting-edge moves that can give you big winnings. Here they are:

  • Eviscerate – Captain Fox cuts three lines of symbols in a diagonal manner. In the process, he destroys two of the symbols, filling the middle line with wild symbols.
  • Ricochet – Captain Fox shoots from a pistol, with the bullet rebounding against six bombs, replacing them with wilds.
  • Vortex – Captain Fox releases a bomb into the middle of the reels. The bomb then take symbols of the same type horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  • Flare – The same as the typically winning combo in a slot game, this feature allows players to win as many combinations as possible.

Once you defeat any of the four Bosses, you get varying results with huge rewards. Here they are:

    • Chameleon – After the Boss dies, two to three random kinds of low paying symbols are chosen. The symbols are converted into Bomb symbols of the corresponding colour.
    • Rooster – Once the Boss dies, three to four random Bomb symbols turn into a Wild, destroying symbols horizontally and vertically. Explode could convert more bombs into Wild symbols.
    • Pangolin – After the Boss dies, all Bomb symbols that belong to the same random kind move to the reels’ centre.
    • Rhino – Once the Boss dies, a huge 4×4 bomb plunges into the reels, playing as a Wild. The bomb collapses with every new cascade of symbols. It first separates into two 2×2 Wild symbols, and then disintegrates into 6 Wild symbols.

Intrigued by the explosive experience brought by Nuke World by EvoPlay? Check out the gameplay video below!

Nuke World by EvoPlay - Gameplay

Nuke World by EvoPlay - Compatibility

Nuke World is compatible across all devices! May it be Android, Apple, or Desktop, players are sure that this is one of the casino slot games that are easier to access and get a hold of, especially with the BetVision App!

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