Serie A Postponed as Coronavirus continues to spread!

Serie A Corona1

The latest in sports news – All sporting events in Italy are postponed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the region. Cycling, swimming, and the likes are canceled due to the aforementioned reason. One of the biggest leagues in the world, Serie A, the Italian equivalent of La Liga, and EPL, is also affected by this virus.

The suspension is announced by the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as he confirmed this as part of his address amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Alongside this announcement, several top division football games were played without an audience. The cancellation of matches was then on cascaded to lower-tier Italian leagues, as the 2 patients with coronavirus have died from the disease. Northern Italy is on lockdown ever since the tragedy.
The top-tier Italian football league Serie A has not been canceled since World War II. With the ongoing trend of suspensions in the matches, this will affect not only the businesses but also the clubs’ mentality, in the long run, however, this is also part of the country’s prevention to spread such a pandemic as football stadiums pack thousands of spectators around the Globe.
BetVision is in support of the decision of the different leagues of the world in postponing of the matches. We hope the whole sporting world will recover from this epidemic. We wish everybody, especially our members for safety and good health, remember to wash your hands, take precautions when going out and remember to wear a mask! 
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