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Live Casino is one of the most innovative ways to play online in the world. It’s creation led to people able to play on their devices anywhere, from a computer to a mobile phone, it’s a success that enabled people to enjoy such games from the comfort of their homes! Today, we are featuring one of BetVision‘s best! Sic Bo by Big Gaming!

What is Sic Bo?

Sicbo by Big Gaming is a live casino game that has a rich history. Dating back to ancient China, it is a game that is popular across the globe and played by many. The version by Big Gaming offers many options for every player out there!

How to Play Sic Bo?

For an optimal gaming experience, we need to make sure that you have funds in your account. If you are not sure how to do this, check out our tutorial on how to transfer funds.

1. Go to the live casino section of BetVision and select Big Gaming!

Sic Bo Big Gaming Casino to Lobby

2. Once you are in the lobby of the game, select Sic Bo and chose a room you want to play!

Sic Bo Big Gaming Actual Lobby

3. Before you make your bet, select the amount you want to bet, it rangers from 20 up to 50,000! The higher the bet, the bigger the win!

Sicbo Big Gaming Bet Amount

4. There are many options to choose from the game, from high and low, odd or even, specific numbers, and other combinations! The harder the chance of the combo appearing, the better the payout!

Sicbo Big Gaming Bet Options

5. After selecting your option, place your bet by clicking on the combo of choice, then hit confirm to finalize.

Sic bo Big Gaming Select and Confirm

6. Wait for the dealer to finish the roll and you automatically get your win! It’s very easy and quick!

Sic Bo Big Gaming Win

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What are you waiting for? Join us and play Sic Bo by Big Gaming, one of the best live casino games in Asia, on our platform! If you are looking for promotions to get you started, we made some for you!

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