SA Gaming Live Casino – Recommended Games – 8/1/21

SA Gaming - Live Casino - Recommended Games - 8 JAN 21

SA Gaming Live Casino (Recommended Games) – For this week, we are featuring one of our best Live Casino providers in Singapore, SA Gaming! It’s jam-packed with features and is fairly easy to navigate the interface when playing. Check out our screenshots as well as sample gameplay of the available options for you below!

SA Gaming Live Casino - Gaming Interface

SA Gaming - Live Casino - Interface

SA Gaming provides an easy to navigate interface, with all the information available on-screen, you can easily select from the copious amount of rooms open, as well as your preferred games. There are two basic halls available with this provider. The Euro Hall and the Asia Hall. But what is the difference?

Euro HallThis hall provides players with European dealers, as well as a euro-centric style of presentation. It’s SA’s latest innovation.
Asia HallThe traditional version of the Live Casino, where Asian dealers are available. This hall normally is filled with players

Basically, there is no difference when it comes to the gameplay, it is still the same. When entering a room, you will be provided with options on which limits you prefer when you are betting. There is a low limit, where the minimum bet is 10 up to 1000, and the other is 20 up to 5500.

SA Gaming - Live Casino - Gaming Interface - Betting Options

SA Gaming Live Casino - Gaming Interface - Game Options


Like any typical Baccarat game, SA Gaming’s Live Casino option is essentially the same. They also offer side bets for players to test their luck. It also shows a history of the previous results of all the cards dealt. It also has a big range of betting options (as mentioned earlier there are high bet rooms and low bet rooms). 


This simple dice game, which is featured in many providers sure is one for the books, and Sic Bo by SA Gaming looks great. The betting table is laid out properly, together with the road of results on the side. If you are looking for knowledge and a quick overview of how to play this game, check out our article here on What is Sic-bo.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is fairly simple with SA Gaming. With only three options to choose from, you can never go wrong with straight-up and direct gameplay. If you want to learn how to play this game, here is our quick article on How to Play Dragon Tiger.


SA Gaming Live Casino roulette is looking as simple as it can be. With blown up betting options, players cannot make a mistake on which one they will pick. To know more on how to get started in this game, read our how to play roulette article.

SA Gaming Live Casino is well packed with all the options available in the market. With their easy to navigate interface, as well as quick betting periods, there is no doubt that they can deliver the best gaming experience you’ll ever have. Read our Getting Started Guide to know more!

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