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CQ9 Paradise Fishing Recommended Games

Fishing Games is one of the most fun features we have at BetVision! It’s made of guns, nets, and many more to give you the ability to cling on your biggest catch! Different abilities and skills enhance your experience! Today, we are going to feature, Paradise by CQ9!

What is Paradise?

Paradise by CQ9 is a fishing game developed to create a relaxing gaming experience for the player! It’s easy to understand controls and flexible fishes will surely give the players the opportunity of their lifetime! With a few clicks, you are all set to take on the biggest catch you will ever get!

How to Play Paradise?

To ensure the longevity of your gameplay as fishing games take a lot of time, make sure that you have enough funds in your account. If you are not sure how to do this, check out our tutorial on how to transfer funds.

1. Go to the fishing section of BetVision and select CQ9 and then select Paradise! Also, here is our tutorial on how to find fishing games

2. Once you are on the selection screen, choose from one of the several options on which map you want to play! There are subtle differences, but essentially the games are the same! It’s just the amounts of bet and the prize bracket that vary!

Selection Details - Paradise by CQ9 Fishing Game

3. In-game, we need to remember several things; The shot strength determines your gun’s bet amount, the special skills are items looted while playing from the fish, and of course your remaining balance! There are different levels or tiers of prizes, just check it out before you start getting your creatures!

Game Details - Paradise by CQ9 Fishing Game

4. The skills will help you along the way! It boosts your chances of getting that big fish!

Skills - Paradise by CQ9 Fishing Game

5. Fire away and catch the biggest win of your life! Remember to utilize all items at your disposal to get the one big win!

Win - Paradise by CQ9 Fishing Game

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Check out now one of the best fishing games in the world, Paradise by CQ9! We are sure that it will bring you the best experience you will ever get!

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