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Live Casino’s innovation has put the experience of premium gameplay at the comfort of everyone’s home! The simple and beautiful interface, allowed players to enjoy the same feeling they get when they are in a casino. Today we are going to feature one of the easiest games to understand, Dragon Tiger by Dream Gaming!

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger by Dream Gaming is a live casino game that is a derivative of the classic, Baccarat. It’s a one-card game that allows the players to choose between Dragon and Tiger. Of course, there is always the inevitable Tie options as well, together with the multitude of side bets to play on! 

How to Play Dragon Tiger?

Make sure first that you have transferred your funds to the selected provider. If you are not sure how to do this, check out our tutorial on how to transfer funds.

1. Go to the live casino section of BetVision and select Dream Gaming in the selection of providers the platform has!

2. Once you are in the lobby of the game, select Dragon Tiger and chose a room you want to play!

3. Before you make your bet, select the amount you want to bet, it ranges from 10 up to the maximum bet! The higher the bet, the bigger the win!

Dragon Tiger Dream Gaming Bet Amount

4. There are many options to choose from the game, odd or even, black or red, and other combinations! You can also do multiple bets to win not only one but two, even 3 times your bet!

Dragon Tiger Dream Gaming Bet Options

5. If you are done selecting your winning bet, place your bet by clicking on the combo of choice(multiple clicks place higher bet amounts!), then click confirm to place the bet!

Dragon Tiger Dream Gaming Bet Confirm

6. Wait for the dealer to reveal the cards and you automatically get your win! It’s very easy and quick!

Dragon Tiger Dream Gaming Winning Bet

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It is an amazing game! Join us and play Dragon Tiger by Dream Gaming, one of the best live casino games in Asia, on our platform! If you are looking for promotions to get you started, we made some for you! This is for a limited time only!

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