live casino 50% welcome bonus


Promo Period:

2019/97/12 00:00:00 – 2019/12/31 23:59:59

Participation Details:

This promotion applies to all BetVision members, BetVision live casino platforms.

Promo Details

Platform Min amount Promotion % Bonus limit Turnover req
BetVision Live casino ≥50 50% 888 25


Application Process:

Please deposit into your account and contact our 24/7 customer service agent to apply for this promotion


Please select this promotion on the payment page when you make a deposit. The bonus will be automatically credit into your account.

Promo Rules:

1. Each new user can apply for a first deposit bonus once, and the turnover amount is (Deposit amount + Bonus amount) x 25 times turnover] to withdraw money.

For example, if a member deposits 100, you need to have a turnover of (100+50) x25=3750 to apply for withdrawal. 

2. This casino welcome bonus is not shared with any other offers and the turnover generated by any first deposit bonus is not calculated for the rebate. The turnover requirement of the first deposit bonus will be deducted first.

3. The balance of the account before the application of this promotion must be less than RM 50 (excluding rebate), and no bets can be placed before the bonus is credited. Multiple deposits at the same time will not be able to apply for the bonus. Bonus cannot be claimed if there are pending unsettled bets.

4. Turnover on platforms other than “Live casino” will not be credited towards promotion turnover calculation.

5. Players who are confirmed or suspected to have a fraudulent account will not be entitled to this bonus.

6. Betvision has the final interpretation of this promotion.

Terms and conditions

This promotion follows the BetVision “Terms and conditions”.

For any inquiries please kindly contact our 24/7 Customer service.