UEFA to Punish Super League Clubs – 27/05/21

UEFA to Punish Super League Clubs

UEFA to punish Super League clubs (Sports News) – A month after 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs announced the formation of a breakaway European Super League, and the fallout which caused most of its founding members to abandon the project, UEFA now threatens action against the three clubs who are still linked with the project. 

UEFA to Punish Super League Clubs - The Details

The three remaining clubs in the proposed Super League – Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid – are set to face sanctions from UEFA.

The statement from UEFA reads: “Following an investigation conducted by UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary inspectors in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project, disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework. Further information will be made available in due course.”

A possible two-year ban from the Champions League for the rebel trio is also considered by UEFA as a sanction.

UEFA to Punish Super League Clubs - Former Clubs

Originally, the European Super League was composed of three La Liga clubs, three Serie A clubs and six Premier League clubs. Each of the founding clubs have established themselves as the most renowned in Europe. However, pressure from both UEFA and football fans resulted in the clubs eventually opting out.

The sides that backed out include Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

Last Friday, it was announced that they had signed a ‘Club Commitment Declaration, in which they would be fined €100 million for entering a similar breakaway project. In addition, they stand to lose 5 per cent of their revenues from UEFA club competitions for one season. They have also agreed to a €15 million goodwill contribution to grassroots football.

Lastly, they have recommitted to UEFA with huge fines, should they consider unaffiliated competitions, or be in breach any terms of their collective declaration in the future.

UEFA to Punish Super League Clubs - The Trio's Statement

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, however, did not feel threatened by the ban, and are standing firm with their decision to proceed with the new league. 

In a joint statement by the three clubs reads: “The founding clubs have suffered, and continue to suffer, unacceptable third-party pressures, threats, and offenses to abandon the project and therefore desist from their right and duty to provide solutions to the football ecosystem via concrete proposals and constructive dialogue. This is intolerable under the rule of law and Tribunals have already ruled in favour of the Super League proposal, ordering FIFA and UEFA to, either directly or through their affiliated bodies, refrain from taking any action which may hinder this initiative in any way while court proceedings are pending.”

So what will happen next in the Super League saga? Stay tuned to this page for more developments. 

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