Team Singapore secured the Top 4 at the Asian Nations Cup Finals!


With the full support of BetVision as the main sponsor for Team Singapore in the Asian Nations Cup 2019, the team ended the tournament in the top 4, which qualifies them for the World Championship in Peru this December. 

The top four teams from the Asian Nations Cup will join Team Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Germany, and Lithuania, who had advanced from the European Nations Cup, held September this year. Team Singapore is looking to strategize better and plan for a stronger finish. 

This is a Match Poker tournament, a non-gambling team sport incorporating regular Texas Hold’em. For every hand played, the teams will play all 6 positions comparing their net chip gain or loss against the other teams. The winner is awarded 8 points while second place gets 7 points. The points awarded decreases as the team’s rank lowers. The team with the worst performance will be awarded 1 point. If two or more teams get the same chip result, they will share the points in play. (If three teams share 2nd place they will share 6+5+4 points, giving them each 5 points.)

Team Singapore

What a week for Team Singapore! With good results, they are still able to proceed in the championship. We are hoping for a solid finish to cap off the year in December!

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