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Thumb - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

Slot Machines were very popular during their emergence in the early times. As technology advances, many of these traditional games are shifting over to different ways and improvements in the presentation. With the emergence of the internet, online slot games have been very popular among its fans around Asia! Today, we are going to feature one of the most fun games in BetVision, Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment!

What is Money Tree?

Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment is a variation on different slot games found in the platform. This game gives you 243 ways to win! The theme is reminiscent of Chinese lucky charms that will boost your chances of winning!

Money Tree Features

  • Pay Lines: 243
  • Free Spins: Yes, up to 25x
  • Scatter: Yes (will trigger the Free Spins)
  • Wild: Yes (Will substitute for every symbol except the scatter)
  • Jackpot: Yes (2 Levels: Gold, and Silver)

How to Play Money Tree?

Like all games in BetVision, you need to make sure if you have enough funds in your account to play. If you are not sure how to do this, check out our tutorial on how to transfer funds.

1. Go to the slots section of BetVision!

2. Select AE (the shorthand for Ameba Entertainment in the Vendor section and type in the search bar, Money Tree!

Search Game - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

3. Once you are in the game, make sure that you’re all fueled up for a long slot game session!

4. Unlike games, the money tree is very generous in giving bonuses throughout your gameplay! Just remember you need to hit from left to right! There is also a jackpot on two levels that you can also get just by playing!

5. Gold Bags will give you free spins depending on the number you get!

Free Spins - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

Spins - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

6. The tree icon would get you more with its free win bonus! Amazing bonus right!

Tree - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

7. And finally, spin your way to victory! We wish you all the luck to get that big jackpot!

Jackpot Spin - Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment

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Join us and play Money Tree by Ameba Entertainment, one of the best slot games in Asia! If you are looking for promotions to get your spin on, check out our banner below!

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