How to Bet on NBA 2019-20 Season Resume! All you need to know!


NBA is one of the best basketball league in the world! With millions of fans following the league, it is one of the most prolific and prominent sporting events that there is. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the league has been postponed and is now on the verge of restarting its hindered season! The league’s hiatus since March 11 left the fans craving for more NBA action! We are going to teach you how to bet on NBA and here are some details on the restart! 

How To Bet on NBA - Season Resume Keypoints

The National Basketball Association is taking about its return to the hardcourt. After much talk and deliberation, the return date of the sport is July 31st. Teams are now making arrangements for the return once the league reopens in Disney World, Orlando, but only 22 teams are allowed!

Here are the teams that will be playing for this season:

Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
Milwaukee BucksLos Angeles Lakers
Toronto RaptorsLA Clippers
Boston CelticsDenver Nuggets
Miami HeatUtah Jazz
Indiana PacersOklahoma City Thunder
Philadelphia 76ersHouston Rockets
Brooklyn NetsDallas Mavericks
Orlando MagicMemphis Grizzlies
Washington WizardsPortland Trail Blazers
 New Orleans Pelicans
 Sacramento Kings
 San Antonio Spurs
 Phoenix Suns

There will be a total of 9 teams coming from the east, and 13 teams from the west. This is going to be an exciting clash as a lot of people are waiting for the NBA’s return to the hardcourt! The matches are going to be played as said earlier at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort around Orlando, Florida. It will be held in two arenas, Field House and Visa Athletic Center. 

With this resume, the matches will start-off with the seeding games. This will be done before the playoffs. The teams are selected from their respective remaining regular-season matches. The total matches for each team will be around 72-73 games after the seeding matches. (There will be 8 seeding matches).

There will be no audience as the league has worked with public-health officials regarding the different safety protocols in place for the safety of all the staff and the players.

How To Bet on NBA - Playoff Seeding Details

The seven teams in each conference with the top performance (regular-season games and seeding games) will be awarded a playoff spot. Tie-breaker scenarios are always in place for those seeds. The 8th seed can come down to a play-in tournament.

If the team with the eighth-best record in its conference is more than four games ahead of the team with the ninth-best record in the same conference, no play-in tournament will be necessary. The final playoff berth will simply go to the team with the eighth-best record (regular-season games + seeding games).

If the team has the eighth-best record in its conference is ahead of four games or fewer of the ninth-best record within the same conference, there will be a match for the final spot between the teams. It is a best-of-two series where the No. 9 seed will have to win two head-to-head matchups to get the 8th spot.

How To Bet on NBA - Season Resume Keydates

Here are some key dates to mark for the league’s major highlight games:

  • First Round – August 17
  • Semi’s – August 31. Conference Finals – September 15.
  • NBA Finals – September 30.

How To Bet on NBA - Betting Styles

With this resume, many online Singaporean players are eager to know how to bet on the best basketball league in the world. All of this is the same whether you are looking at the European Basketball league, or the Asian League, but today, we are going to focus on how to bet on NBA!

How To Bet on NBA - Betting Styles

Handicaps or Point-Spreads – Most of the teams in basketball are shows that there is always a better team, this type of betting is more common than the typical home or away bet. Much so like the Asian Handicap, the stronger team is given a disadvantage (this is represented by having a negative value to the points in the game. i.e. -10) This means that the team must win with more than 10 points to get the winning bet. The weaker team is also given an advantage represented by a positive value. (i.e. +10) This means that if the weaker team lost by 5 points, the bet is won as they are given a 10 point advantage in the bet. Here is an example of the Handicap type bet:

Los Angeles Lakers-101.75
Boston Celtics+101.91
    In this example, the Lakers are given a 10-point deduction if you bet on this team, While the Celtics are given a 10-point advantage as they are the assumed weaker team in this match. Assuming that the final score of the match was Lakers – 121 vs Celtics – 109, even if the Lakers have deducted 10 points, the total is 111, still higher than the 109 of the Celtics, thus if you bet on them, your bet will win.

Odd/Even Bet – As the name implies, bettors are given the chance to bet on if the final score is going to end on an Odd or Even, this is a 50/50 bet. So the chances of you getting the correct bet are 50%.

Over/Under Bet – This type of bet is commonly seen around NBA Betting. The bettors are given a chance to bet whether the total score of the game from both teams is over that predicted score or under that. Let’s take a quick look at a sample here on how this bet type works:


Let’s say we choose to bet on Over 123, this bet, if the total score between the Lakers and Celtics went above 123 points, the bettor would then win 1.93 of his initial bet. But if the total score was 122, the bettor would lose all his stakes.

How To Bet on NBA - Betting Tips!

If you are an avid fan, you would know that there are some things that you need to watch out on how to bet on NBA games. Here are some of our reminders to get you started on winning!

  1. Check the stats of the competitors before placing your bet! This is one of the most important points! Many factors can affect the performance of players! May it be an injury, player change, and suspensions, you need to check these things to ensure that you have the winning bet! The best thing to know is whether their star player is ready and has a good form before the match.
  2. Follow several sporting guides on which team is currently the best! Many teams will be a feature in several articles regarding who is performing this season. When betting on your favorite one, make sure you do not want to place many feelings if you see them loosing!
  3. Trust your gut! Many people rely on numbers and current standings, but at times, the gut is a very reliable indication of a winning bet! A well-experienced bettor can sense victory days before the actual encounter! So make sure to bet on many games to improve your senses!

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