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How esports betting work SIngapore

How eSports Betting Work in Singapore?

Predominantly found in North America and all across Europe, eSports is a resurging industry among the sporting world. With games played across the globe, teams from different countries gather around to fight for the most competitive gaming tournaments across the world! From DOTA2, League of Legends, up to CS: GO, many competitive titles and tournaments are being played daily! Even during the times of pandemic as the games are played and viewed online! if you are looking to bet on eSports in Singapore, here are some tournaments to look forward to throughout the year!

DOTA2 Tournaments

Many DOTA2 Tournaments are being competed for! China has its own DOTA2 Professional League! Europe always plays the most aggressive and competitive ones, and North America always has the biggest upsets in this eSports scene. If you are looking for the biggest events, “The Majors” and “The International” or T.I. are the ones to look forward to!

League of Legends Tournaments

One of the biggest games of the decade, and was previously dominated by the Koreans, League of Legends is more far-reaching! With millions of viewership in every Major Tournament, the division and regional titles have tight and aggressive competition in this game! The North American League Championship Series, The League of Legends Champions Korea, LPC, LPL, and many more! The events that have been released by RIOT Games, (developer of LOL) and other partners are immense! 

CS: GO Tournaments

Another one of the best eSports titles in the world, with over 3 decades of competition, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will surely give you thrilling, and gut-wrenching gunplay and strategic combat. With tournaments from different regions competing for the grand-slam. Major Tournaments are the ones looked out for this game! Be sure to check out the current leagues are the matches are viewed by many!

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