Paradise 2 Online Fishing!


Fishing Casino Games are one of the most fun and colorful aspects of Online Casino! It features a competitive prize pool and a high chance of winning! Most fishing games are almost the same in gameplay. They vary in the multiplier and the type of items and fishes included. Let’s look at one of the games being offered by BetVision, Paradise 2 by CQ9!

paradise 2 fishing
Paradise 2 – Selection Screen

Paradise 2 offers many variations when it comes to prizes and shots. The gun’s strength can be adjusted to match what is the intended multiplied value of the player, the range depends on the game, Paradise 2 can raise the value of the gun to 1000.

Paradise 2
Paradise 2 In-Game

There are in-game skill cards that improve the experience and the gameplay. Many fishes and modes are offered by the game! If you do not know where to find Paradise 2, check out our online fishing guide!

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