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Cai Shen - Fishing Game Casino

The latest online fishing game casino in Singapore CAI SHEN FISHING GAME by JDB or Just Do the Best gaming is one of the magnificent quality and let the players obtain points in significant multiples. Anticipate the excitement of catching the fish with the guidance of the God of Wealth and moving around the ocean to turn your luck! You will have a chance to win 200 multiple lucky prizes! Embrace the aura of wealth by playing CAI SHEN FISHING GAME and become prosperous!

Cai Shen Selection - Fishing Game Casino

This interesting game is derived from the Chinese God of Wealth popularly known as Cai Shen, this Chinese name means money richer. So obviously you like winning and fortune and surely anyone will grab this one. Similar to the other JDB’s fishing games, it has assisted lots of players to play on the internet with the selection of gaming rooms namely, Newbie, Expert, and Cai Shen.

Cai Shen Fortune - Fishing Game Casino

Moreover, within the game, players have the opportunity to activate the additional prizes by striking down the fishes with each bullet of your gun. Always standby for the Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa icon to appear, you can get the red envelope lottery and win the major prize of 1000X of luck from the Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa symbol. If you are the chosen one to get the wheel of fortune, the special game will be activated. Find a place to try your fortune and you can get up to 200X.

Cai Shen Pay Table - Fishing Game Casino

Furthermore, to boost the player’s multi-tasking and online gaming experience, in case the Cai Shen appears, all the players must have the teamwork to win the lucky bonus by hitting as much as possible to get the opportunity to get 100X to 300X winnings. When the players activate the Fortune Bazooka mode, you will get 10X winnings 1st then added by 20 to 100 free bullets randomly and it will be based on your luck. Now from your winnings, you can hit the Fortune Bazooka again. The most interesting thing on this feature is you will get the chance to win up to 999 FREE BULLETS! But there’s more, a special weapon, Mega Drill, this is where you can obtain 10X 1st and a free hit of Mega Drill when the fire will have the chance to get the fishes along the same path, until it is destroyed and exploded in the ocean.

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