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Evolution Gaming or EVO is one of the top live casino online gaming providers out of Europe. EVO specializes in providing high-quality gaming content that focuses on user experience and easy to understand user interface.

EVO Gaming Lobby

Evolution Gaming Lobby

Evolution gaming focuses on the display of simplicity. Games are separated by tabs. Ranging from Baccarat up to game shows, Evo offers impactful gaming content to players.

Dragon Tiger Table

This is the live dragon tiger game from EVO. It has an easy to understand flow and betting is made simple for the players. Just click on the options presented and bet the amount the player wants. This is a simpler version of Baccarat. Whichever side gets the higher number wins the bet. Nothing is simpler than this.

Roulette Table

The interface of online live roulette is simple as well. The middle is the typical roulette table we all know, the right is the french version. Winning in the game is easy too, wherever the ball lands in the roulette, that is the winning bet. There are in-game bet types that you can explore! Very straight to the point when playing roulette.


One of the most popular games in EVO, an online blackjack game simply displays the actual dealer and also has an explanation on every bet of the game. This game is just simple, you need to have a total of 21 on the value of the cards. All bettors are playing against the dealer.

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