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European Roulette by EvoplayIf you are looking for something unique to your typical slot game, this slot game by Evoplay is something that we would recommend you to try if you want to explore the world of online casinos. It is basically the traditional roulette game, but played on your own terms! Check out our gameplay samples as well as a brief introduction to the game.

European Roulette by Evoplay Video Gameplay

What is European Roulette by Evoplay?

This amazing slot game is inspired by the traditional single zero roulette game we all know and love. It is also played the same way. However, this is structured more so, unlike the typical slot game we are used to. It is simply a casino game within the slot game category, the only difference is you can bet whenever and whoever you like!

Game TypeTable Game

European Roulette by Evoplay or Live Casino Slots?

Looking into the advantages of this type of table game, the only difference is that it is powered by A.I. and RNG, and the best thing there is that, it also offers the same paytable as a Roulette in casinos! Knowing this, there will be limitations and max bets, but this can be a great alternative to players who are looking for a casino-type game that can help them learn all about roulette.

European Roulette by Evoplay Pay Table

Bet TypeMinimum BetPayout
Six Line15:1
Red Black11:1
High/Low – (1-18/19-36)11:1
Neighbor Bets135:1
TiersMinimum of six (6)  (six (6) split bets)17:1
OrphelinsMinimum of five (5) (one (1) bet on a number and four (4) split bet)

Split 17:1

Straight 35:1

VoisinsMinimum of nine (9) (one (1) bet with two (2) chips on three numbers, five (5) split bets with one (1) chip, and two (2) chips on the corner

Split 17:1

On 3 numbers (street bet) 11:1

Corner 8:1

The paytable above shows how much you can win by playing this type of table slot game. For as low as 1 chip (which equates to 1 in your currency of choice), you can start playing an enjoying this slot game! There are also options in raising your bets, and the best part of this type of game is that you are in control of when you will take the turn!

European Roulette by Evoplay Free Version?

If you are looking for free slot games, there are trial or demo versions available at BetVision that we think you can check out before risking any money! You can definitely get a feel on the actual gameplay! You will surely enjoy trying this game out!

European Roulette by Evoplay Compatibility

European Roulette is compatible across all devices! May it be Android, Apple, or Desktop, players are sure that this is one of the casino slot games that are easier to access and get a hold of, especially with the BetVision App!

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