Epic Gladiators by Evoplay – Slot Games – Recommended

Epic Gladiators by Evoplay – Slot Games – Recommended

Epic Gladiators by Evoplay – There have been many slot games before this one, but Evoplay is slowly innovating and making new and fun slot game options for long time players! Today, we are featuring a variation on the traditional fruit slots we all know and love. Check out our game review and sample gameplay of Epic Gladiators!

What is Epic Gladiators by Evoplay?

Epic Gladiators is not your typical run of the mill slot game. It features over seven reels and seven rows of winning opportunities! It is visually stimulating, with graphics that you think are inspired by classic side-scrolling games! To give a bit of context, you are playing the role of Klevius, the main character, and the goal is to defeat the enemies that come your way! If you land on any winning combination, the main character will attack them.

There are also three other gladiators for you get, namely, Maximus, Crixus, and Spintacus. These three different enemies will provide you the needed bonus to level up your slot experience and gameplay. We will get to them later in this article.

Slot TypeVideo Slots
Number of Reels7

Gladiators by Evoplay Pay Table

For you to win, you have to group five like symbols to win. Every symbol has an equated winning amount, and of course, it is dependent on how much you are placing the bet on. Check out the paytable we have here below.

Epic Gladiators by Evoplay Pay Table #1 Sports betting, Live Casino, Slots & Fishing Website in Asia

What is Epic Gladiators by Evoplay?

There are still the primary winning features Epic gladiator has, but there are ways on how to activate them, especially within the free spin bonus.

  1. Free Spins – To trigger the free spins, Klevius must defeat one or more of the enemies at bay, if they are, free spins can be awarded up to 10, 15 even 20 times in a single roll!
  2. Wilds – Typical feature of any slot game, it replaces any symbol to complete a winning combination. In this game, the symbol is a bomb.

Going back to the three other gladiators, they provide special bonuses every time you get to the free spin portion of the game, here is what they can do:

  1. Crixus – After each spin, 3 random symbols are replaced with wilds, if an enemy is defeated, a wild symbol is going to be added.
  2. Maximus – The free spins will get an x2 multiplier. If an enemy is defeated, another x1 is added.
  3. Spintacus – 2 random symbols within the reel are going to change positions to create or increase the winning chances. If an enemy is defeated, the symbols to be swapped are added one.

Check out our video below to see these bonuses and gladiators in action! You will surely enjoy this feature by Epic Gladiators!

Epic Gladiators by Evoplay Compatibility

Epic Gladiators is compatible across all devices! May it be Android, Apple, or Desktop, players are sure that this is one of the casino slot games that are easier to access and get a hold of, especially with the BetVision App!

What do you think of this innovative slot game, Epic Gladiators by Evoplay? Are you excited or ready to game? If you are, check out our banner above to start your slots gaming journey with us!

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