Easy Slot Games to Get You Started!


Have you ever wondered how to play slots online? Does it seem complicated with all the lines, bets, and the variation on rules? We, at BetVision got you covered. We’re sharing some of the easiest to understand slot games. Let’s take a quick look:

1. Poker Slot (CQ9)

This slot game is one of the easiest to understand! It only consists of one line and 4 winning options. To win on this game. You just need to match the symbols in the line from left to right. It’s just that simple. slots

2. Dragon 8 (AE)

Another simple game to understand! This game consists only of one symbol and has high bonuses that appear randomly. Dragon 8 is simple, if you’re able to line up one of the symbols, you’ll get x8 your bet, if two symbols, x88, and if three, you get x888. Special bonuses appear too and it has a silver and gold level! So easy to understand!

dragon 8 slots

3. Monkey Office Legend (CQ9)

One of the easiest games to understand that gives big wins is Monkey Office Legend! This game is so good. You just need to match up all the symbols in one line. There are some variations in this game. You need to match the figures with written characters and drawn characters. It means more chances of winnings for the player!

monkey office legend slots

That’s it! Some of the easiest slot games at BetVision! This is just the beginning of your slot journey!

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