Charming Queens by Evoplay – Recommended Games – 19/11/20

What is Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games

With the vast choices in the world of slot games, few are really going to catch your attention, so today, we are featuring one slot game we think is going to be one that would be essential to your everyday gaming adventure, Charming Queens by Evoplay – Recommended Games! Let’s check out its features!

Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games - Video Sample

What is Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games?

Charming Queens is one of the feature slot games under Evoplay! It’s amazing and intuitive gameplay stems from traditional slot games that we all know and love. The most exquisite of all are the defining features of this game, the queens, which are Queen in Gold, Queen in Red, and Queen in Violet! What do they offer? Let’s take a look!

Slot TypeVideo Slots
Number of Reels5
Bet Lines20
Min Bet0.1
Max Bet500

With all the features packed into one place, Charming Queens entices players to push on and bet more with their amazing features! Check out the breakdown below!

What is Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games Features

As a typical five-reel slot game, Charming Queens has the ability to make your money worthwhile! Knowing that there are many chances we can take, the bonuses it can generate will give players the most satisfaction when winning!

  1. Free Spins – The appearance of any three queens in the second, third, or fourth wheel will grant the player free spins.   
  2. Queen in Red – This queen gives an increase in winnings by 2x, 3x, or up to 5x!
  3. Queen in Gold – This queen chances five random symbols into the wilds.
  4. Queen in Violet – Changes any symbol into expanded wilds, giving more winning opportunities!

These queens will definitely make your gameplay more exciting! You also have to remember that the typical bonus symbols will contribute to your overall winnings! So be on the lookout as well! Check out the demo video below of their abilities!

Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games -Pay Table

Charming Queens Paytable

Charming Queens by Evoplay - Recommended Games Compatibility

Charming Queens by Evoplay is compatible across all devices! May it be Android, Apple, or Desktop, players are sure that this is one of the casino slot games that are easier to access and get a hold of, especially with the BetVision App!

Slot games are typically found everywhere, BetVision has a collection of the best online slot games in the market, may it be three, five, or seven-reels, our team of experts have gathered the best games in the market so you don’t have to! This is one of our most recommended games! So be sure to check it out! If you want more of the same slots action, check out our previous article located below!

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