What is Fan Tan?


Fan Tan is one of the easiest to understand games in BetVision. It’s purely a game of luck and almost the same as roulette. It’s a very underrated game that does not require much thinking. Just bet on and win on!

The dealer would start shuffling all the buttons to begin the game. After the shuffle, the dealer would get a portion of the buttons covered in a cup. Fan Tan Shuffle Betvision88

The players would be asked to bet on what they think would be the number of buttons hidden under the cup. Here is a sample table from SA Gaming:

Fan Tan Betting Table

Looks complicated right? But Fan Tan has similarities to a roulette table. You’ll bet on whether it would end on odd or even, 3 – 2 or even the end number of the count. It’s very simple!

Fan Tan Count Betvision88

The dealer would now start counting the buttons to finalize the bet, and determine the winners! Then the game would restart again.

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