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Roulette How to Win in Singapore

We know that roulette has been part of the live casino culture for a very long time. Different providers from different places will give you varying degrees of betting options and limits. But one thing is for certain, if you bet on a number, you will have a chance to win! Today, we are looking at ways on how to win roulette in Singapore!

1. Check on Outside and Inside Bets!

There are many betting options in roulette, but most of the time there is the most famous variation, the inside, and outside bets. These two bets are consist of different parts within the roulette betting table. Single number bets are a type of an inside bet. This would typically pay out 35:1 Outside bets are bets outside the table. They are very simple to understand, these betting options are high to low, red or black, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd! But remember, these positions pay out considerably less like 1:1 or 2:1.

2. Find a Table with a Small Minimum Bet, and High Maximum bet!

This would ensure that you can earn back your losses at the table. High maximum bets can give you the highest ROI every time you play! Remember, you need to maximize all chances of winning to succeed!

3. Control betting on Inside Bets!

We all know that if people are going through a rough game, their judgment gets clouded, but you have to remember, inside bets only have 2.7% win rate or 2.68%, depending on what kind of table you are playing at. Just keep watch of the trendline when playing and wait for the best possible bet to get the biggest win!

4. Give some betting Strategies a Go!

There are some few betting strategies that are looking good to into, the examples are the James Bond Strategy, Ball Bounce Method, using Fibonacci as a way to make your bets well, and the most known High-Risk Martingale Strategy! You always need to look out for the best strategy that you think would work for you!

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