Live Casino Dragon Tiger in Singapore – Recommended Games!

Live Casino Dragon Tiger in Singapore

When you think about live casino games in Singapore, you would most likely think of baccarat, Sicbo, blackjack, and many more! Dragon Tiger is a simpler version of baccarat, wherein players are dealt with one card, and they are to bet on either the dragon or the tiger side! So let’s take a look at live casino dragon tiger in Singapore!

Dragon Tiger in BetVision!

This live casino game is most likely one of the most simple games that BetVision has to offer! This card game gives the players options to choose to bet on whether dragon or tiger! There are also options to bet on a tie or even a suited tie! There are also side bets that are being offered by different providers! Let’s take a look at what they have to offer in their respective dragon tiger games!

What Providers in BetVision has Dragon Tiger?

Dream Gaming

1. Dreamgaming’s Dragon Tiger is chock full of features. It goes beyond the normal betting options for players! The normal betting options are offered, but there are identical side bets for each player to search on!

Dream Gaming Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming

2. Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger is the most straight-forward There are only 4 betting options and ensures fast gameplay for the players! the intuitive user-interface is enhancing the user experience!

Dragon Tiger Betting Phase

SEXY Gaming

3. Sexy Gaming’s Dragon Tiger is very simple and straight forward as well. Sexy Gaming puts a little twist by putting a little show just for the players! The three options for betting are always present as well!

Sexy Gaming Dragon Tiger

That’s it! Live casino dragon tiger in Singapore! These are just some of the providers that we have for you! If you are interested in knowing more about these types of live casino games, here are some you can check out!

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