HO Gaming Live Casino – Recommended – 27/01/21

HO Gaming Live Casino Recommended 27 JANUARY 21 Betvision88

Live casino games have been varying all across the internet. With many providers available, some will stand out in terms of quality, and at the same time, the service it provides to different players. Today, We are going to take a quick look at the different offerings at one of BetVision’s premier casino provider, HO Gaming Live Casino.

HO Gaming Live Casino - Interface

HO Gaming Live Casino interface looks a bit complicated, but it is fairly simple to understand. This live casino recommendation by BetVision offers a wide selection of games on their platform. As many live casinos try to expand their reach, HO Gaming also has two variations, the Classic and Grand Mode. On both homepages, You can see the different games offered by the online casino. There is also a variation in terms of rooms available for players to check out. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different options they currently offer.

HO Gaming Live Casino - Grand Mode

HO Gaming Live Casino - (Grand Mode)

HO Gaming Live Casino - Classic Mode

HO Gaming Live Casino - Classic

HO Gaming Live Casino - Games Offered


The roulette game in HO Gaming is pretty much the essential version you would expect from a typical casino. Of course, there is only a slight difference in terms of the looks of the game. The same as the initial interface, there is both the grand and classic mode available. Check out the menu below to check out the differences between the two.

Both versions work for whatever platform you choose, the only difference is regarding the aspect ratio on where you would play the games you prefer. This is going to be the trend for all games featured in this article. Check out our article on how to play roulette to know more about the game.


Baccarat is also the same as your typical casino. With the game being in a live casino, dealers utilize big-sized cards to show emphasis on what is cards are given to both sides. Check out the images below to see the differences. If you want to know more about the game, check out our how to play baccarat tutorial.


Blackjack tables at HO Gaming Live Casino look clean and crisp. Both versions offer the same in terms of betting as well as the progression of everything in the table. The only difference is that there is an improvement in terms of how the betting table looks. However, in terms of experience, it is going to be the same. If you want to know more on how to get started in the game, check out our how to play blackjack tutorial. Check out the images below to see the difference.

RNG Games

One of the things that Ho Gaming separates itself from other Live Casino is the offering of RNG based games in their system. This is like your typical online casino, and this version of the live casino focuses more on the odds of chances. RNG (Random Number Generator) is a system that allows the casino to give odds of winnings without actual dealers, meaning that all odds are done via a computer. This mode may be a better option for players who are looking for a different way of playing or is not used to playing with a Live Casino.

HO Gaming Live Casino - Verdict

In terms of a proper Live Casino experience, HO Gaming is going to give players the ultimate gaming experience whatever device they may choose to play on. The Grand version is more suited to wider screens, while the classic is more applicable to 4:3 aspect ratios. It just goes to show that the platform enables players to have the option on whatever device they want to play on. Compatibility is not going to be an issue. It also has a diverse line-up of games available. The RNG games option is a good way for players to take a break from a typical live casino game. Overall, HO Gaming Live Casino is a good provider for players to start their gaming journey.

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