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Casino Slot Games - Candy Dreams - Recommended Games

Casino Slot Games are a few of the best things you can experience in an online gaming site! It features fun interactive gameplay, together with the thrill of winning and making so dough on the side. Today, we are going to feature one slot game from one of our providers, Candy Dreams by Evoplay.

Candy Dreams by Evoplay Video Gameplay

Casino Slot Games - What is Candy Dreams by Evoplay

Inspired with the trend of candy-based games. Candy Dreams is a variation from the typical roll type slot machine that we all know and love. It features 7 reels and many add-ons that can be found on other slot machines. As opposed to the typical pay line function in a slot machine, this is one of the casino slot games that does not have that.

Slot TypeVideo Slots
Number of Reels7

The way people would win is if they have grouped 5 or more candies, may it be horizontal or vertical, becoming the winning pattern in the game. The candies then explode, dropping more candies in one spin. This feature allows players theoretically to win more than once in a single spin. The winnings then would stop once there is no more winning combination.

Casino Slot Games - Candy Dream Main Features

Besides the unusual winning ways, Candy Dreams has 3 more main features, something that casino slot games, at times, do not have, here they are listed below:

  • Candy Rash – The same as the typically winning combo in a slot game, this feature allows players to win as many combinations as possible.
  • Sweet Pattern – A type of bonus feature within the game that gives players an additional objective. Whenever this part is fulfilled, it grants bonus winnings to the player! One thing to note is that when there are bet changes (referring to the amount), the pattern will reset.
  • Spin-A-Wheel – A wheel of fortune type of bonus game that grants players more bonuses on top of the regular winnings. This is one of the features that players want to activate within the game as it gives the best bonuses.

Take note of the wilds as well! That symbol always makes combinations possible to be completed! It’s another bonus thing on top of every winning combo you can get! Check out the features video below!

Casino Slot Games - Candy Dream Compatibility

Candy Dream is compatible across all devices! May it be Android, Apple, or Desktop, players are sure that this is one of the casino slot games that are easier to access and get a hold of, especially with the BetVision App!

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